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What’s Dominating Internet Marketing Right Now?

What’s Dominating Internet Marketing Right Now?

In the digital age either you adapt to innovations or perish. Keeping up to date in internet marketing is fascinating and constant learning is involved.

There are many marketing strategies. Some are more useful than others. It depends on a wide variety of elements such as the type of company we have, or how we show our business on digital platforms. It also depends on what we want to achieve as a company and what our consumers and customers expect.

During 2016 and so far this year, internet marketing has two tools that continue being trendy, and it seems that they will not fall out of favor with small and big businesses. We’re talking about mobile use and live video streaming.

Follow The Leaders

The leading social networks recognize and apply this reality. Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, all handle responsive designs and adapt their web schemas to a mobile structure. In the same way, each uses streaming videos to share live information. Mere chance? We don’t think so.

Every digital marketing agency knows it. Mobile design and live streaming are the techniques that set the tone when talking about marketing strategies. Internet marketing continues to leapfrog into the future, and there are challenges ahead. Digital innovation is the currency, and we can’t lag behind.

We are in the final stretch of 2017. Among the digital marketing strategies these two were on top:

Mobile Use and Modern-Day Consumerism

“This is the year of mobile.” We’ve heard this for the last four years. Nowadays, the use of smartphones is no longer about fashion or luxury but a necessity. According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans owned a smartphone by 2016, 35% more than in 2011. By 2017, the smartphone will become the ideal shopping companion and preferred device by users.

A review of Google data shows that shopping-related searches on mobile increased 120% in 2015 and 2016, and 82% of shoppers consult their phones for items they are about to buy in a store.

Whether visiting an online store, comparing and recommending, processing payments and others, you can do everything with your smartphone.

Smartphones are a fundamental tool for carrying out day-to-day activities. Understanding this and adapting your business to mobile platforms will help retain clients and get new ones.

Live Video Streaming Keeps Gaining Traction

A couple of years ago the use of live streaming apps was viewed as a novelty as well as a challenge. Today, platforms that don’t have streaming video are out of tune. The big players in the industry lead the way, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, all allow live broadcasts.

The power given by this digital marketing tool to users has no borders. Its versatility, functionality, and reach have been key elements to position it as one of the most effective marketing strategies for companies online.

In times when content is excessive, we need a break to take a look at reality. You may not have a chance to take a holiday to the Himalayas and reconnect with your inner self, but you can be part (from your phone or computer) of a parachute jump from some crazy adventurer that you follow on Instagram. Or you can send best wishes to your favorite store which is opening a new store in another part of the country while they share their emotional moment fully live by social networks. Fantastic, right?

Imagine what you can do with your brand through the use of live streaming video. Do you own a coffee shop? Show your followers how to prepare the specialty of the day on a live video and invite them to taste that coffee. Do you have a dance academy? Why don’t you show the behind the scenes during rehearsals for the next show?  Let your clients be part of your world.

The possibilities to web positioning are endless, and the use of live streaming as a marketing strategy represents a great tool. Creating meaningful and authentic connections with customers and your audience will make them identify with your brand and be your fans.

There you go!

Mobile usability and live streaming videos are two great digital marketing strategies that are at your fingertips, waiting for you to make the most of them. Adapt your company to a mobile and live stream to bring more people closer to your brand.

Empower and position your business with the benefits of internet marketing. Investing in your company will multiply in benefits for you and your customers. Contract a marketing agency that guides you on the road to positioning your brand up on top.

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