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This Summer’s TOP 3 Web Design Trends

While a minimalist layout remains among the favorites in web design, it seems the summer heat has brought out the creativity and passion for detail in designers. Developers are looking for more striking, refreshing, and elaborate design patterns.

Check out this month’s hottest trends!


Will this be the definitive farewell to bold fonts? Probably not. But, what is certain is that thin typefaces are gaining new popularity and prominence. According to Carrie Cousins from Webdesignerdepot, “Thin typefaces got a bad rap back when Apple opted for a super thin, lightweight font for its operating system with iOS 7.” At first, the decision was not well received by the community of web designers, ensuring that the typography used by Apple is hard to read, especially when the predominant trend in typefaces were bold fonts, mainly in web headlines. While the typography options exhibited in some websites today are thinner than usual, they are not as thin and illegible as Apple’s.

Each type of font has its pros and cons. In this case, thin fonts allow designers to have more space and freedom when designing. Also, used in contrasting and striking backgrounds, thin fonts look perfect. However, you should avoid using these type of fonts for body copy or very long messages.

Some extra uses you can give to thin typefaces are:

– Use them in multiple caps to create impactful headlines. When titles have fewer words, you can appreciate the effect much better.

– Combine thin fonts with bolder fonts to generate contrast and emphasize the message you want to highlight.

– Use a fine font with a soft color on a dark or contrasting background to add visual emphasis to the message.

If you want to start using thinner fonts, options such as Dosage, Scope One, Rajdhani or Martel Sans from de Google’s fonts bank are some of the ones you will love.


We already know that less is more, however, when it comes to complicated details with a well-structured design, the visual impact is always attractive for the users. Elements that are sophisticated but easy to understand are a new and upcoming trend in Web Design. This helps add a sense of uniqueness, personalization and above all, create detail to your site.

The best thing about elaborated details is that they can adapt to everything you imagine, from large and complex web projects to simple pages.

Although embellished details can appear on multiple occasions, it is best that you make good use of them limiting their appearance to one or a few elements that add style to your web site without overuse.


Icon-style logos are on the top! Everything is valid in Web Design if you have a clear objective that does not break with the general image of the site, nor increment the bounce rate.

Whether colorful, artistic or even fun, icon logos are a good alternative to give your website a refreshing and different look, besides your users will love them.

The benefit of these type of logos is that they can be implemented in multiple sizes that quickly adapt to different web platforms, mobile devices, and even social networks, helping keep the same original design inline without having to make extra modifications.

There you go! You already have some initial ideas to start this month with what is trendy in web design. So go ahead use your imagination and explore the possibilities and ultimately create designs that bring a unique, different and attractive element to your website.

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