Before you go looking for someone to build your website, make a list of websites you like and admire and why you like them, pick a few you like for their aesthetic, others for their workflow, maybe others for their function. This will help developer know your taste and goals.

Hiring a developer for your WordPress site can be tricky when you first start out, but by planning your project ahead, sticking to the budget and carefully vetting developers, you’ll come out ahead. Once you know what it is you want to create and how you expect to maintain the site, you can screen developer candidates based on the scope and long-term vision of your project.

A great WordPress developer is a one who has worked with different kinds of WordPress sites like blog website, small business website, eCommerce sites, etc. And know how to customize the code without breaking the system for future updates.

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Here are some tips enlisted that could help you to hire WordPress developers depending upon the requirement.

  • The WordPress developer should have in-depth knowledge of WordPress, how it works, what are its folder structure, themes, child themes, plugins etc.
  • The WordPress developer should have experience on open source and need to have knowledge in UI design, Mobile Responsive, Image optimization, Page Speed optimization & W3C, and need to have basic knowledge on how search engine like Google work.
  • The WordPress developer needs to have basic design skills like Photoshop, and have good design eye.
  • The WordPress developer needs to have good communication skills to grasp your requirement and communicate back.
  • The WordPress developer needs to understand the goals and objectives of the website first, and need to update daily about the status of the project.