Web Design can be a timely and complex especially when you hire a third party developer. We at Second Crew have a couple suggestions that will aid you in the process of hiring the best possible WordPress developer you can find. Our first suggestion we have before you go ahead and get a website developer is that you make a short list of websites that you like based on their qualities. Some of these characteristics should include but are not limited to are navigation, color scheme, layout and anything else you would like so that when you talk to the developer he was a better idea of what your taste and goals are for your new website.

A successful WordPress developer is someone who has worked with different kinds of WordPress sites ranging from blog sites, eCommerce site, small business sites etc. They have to be proficient in customizing code without breaking the general layout for any upcoming future updates.


Here are some tips enlisted that could help you to hire WordPress developers depending upon the requirement.

  • The WordPress developer should have in-depth knowledge of WordPress, how it works, what are its folder structure, themes, child themes, plugins etc.
  • The WordPress developer should have experience on open source and need to have knowledge in UI design, Mobile Responsive, Image optimization, Page Speed optimization & W3C, and need to have basic knowledge on how a search engine like Google work.
  • The WordPress developer needs to have basic design skills like Photoshop, and have good design eye.
  • The WordPress developer needs to have good communication skills to grasp your requirement and communicate back.
  • The WordPress developer first needs to understand the goals and objectives of the website, and then needs to update on a daily basis about the status of the project.

If you are able to meet these speculations, we at Second Crew have no doubt that this will help your new project become a successful website. At Second Crew we have a range of services and website development is one of our fortes.

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