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SEO: Multiple Pages or Consolidated Long Master Page on Your Website?
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SEO: Multiple Pages or Consolidated Long Master Page on Your Website?

When developing your website, it’s not so easy to determine content distribution. Should your site have many inner pages or one long page with all the content? Which of these two options is more useful for SEO? What would your audience prefer? Should you contact an SEO company?

Having one or many pages could generate different SEO outcomes for your website. But, before thinking about the results, you must pay attention to the following:

SEO-SEO company, SEO agency

Consider the UX

User experience must be the focal point when making any web design decision. Take scrolling for example. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use “scrolling.” You know that’s true and your thumb knows it too.

Thanks to scrolling, users prefer to find everything they need on the same screen extension, without navigating from one page to another. This fact gives you an idea about how to distribute your website content.

Having a consolidated page could bring more SEO benefits to your site, such as forcing you to have a responsive design.  However, before making any web design decision, it is essential to know your audience and contact a professional SEO agency.

Optimize your content

A website with high-quality content is something that you must always deliver to your users. A proper content strategy will optimize your site, and help you get higher positioning through SEO.

Websites with poor content are less likely to rank well in the search engine result pages (SERPs). We recommend that you focus on quality rather than quantity. You can generate more or less content on your site, that’s up to you, but excellent quality must prevail.

Optimized website content generates engagement with your visitors. Engaged customers will share your offers, and that will direct more traffic to your website.  What’s next? More leads for your business.

You still don’t know what to do? Answering these questions will help you make the best SEO decision:

  • How much content do you have on the main page?
  • Is there a need to split that content up into several pages?
  • Does every support page have enough content to stand alone?
  • Is it easy for your visitors to navigate between the supporting pages to find the content?
  • How many keywords are on the main page?
  • Do the supporting page keywords hurt SEO?

Whether you decide to use a consolidating page or several pages, you need to take into account all SEO strategies. Don’t just repeat information. Instead, focus on generating high-quality content that deserves to be distributed on several pages.

Optimize your website design through content distribution on pages and improve SEO. Want some help? Second Crew is ready to help. Contact Us!

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