Buyer personas play a critical role in digital marketing, particularly in establishing the effectiveness of your content marketing strategies. While many marketers focus on several demographics to get better traction in their digital marketing efforts, marketers who focus on key buyer persona insights will require half the number to get the same results. In any form of marketing, the key to effective communications that generate the kind of results you want depend on how well you know the people you are talking to. Each person has unique attributes that are defined by their various needs, lifestyles and motivations

Buyer personas define who your targeted audiences are and from this stem the lifeblood that defines your content strategies, if you’re marketing products or services to a wrong kind of consumer no one will buy. Effective content marketing is delivering the right kind of content to a specific type of targeted audience and identify the reasons why such audiences will be interested in your content.

To better understand buyer personas, it would be best to first have a firm grasp of the aspects and attributes that define such persons. An overview of these buying insights is described below:

Priority Initiatives: Describes the reasons why particular consumers will be interested in your content.

Success Factors:  Describes the results or the benefits that your targeted audiences would like to receive when they consume your content.

Perceived Barriers: Describes hindrances like a lack in features, perceived inabilities, and other negative assumptions that will prevent your audiences from consuming your content.

Identifying buyer personas, marketers can have a better understanding of who their targeted audiences really are and what their particular needs in terms of content are. That is why there is no one-size-fits-all content as each buyer persona may be attracted to a particular type of content that will influence them in the buying process.

Content for Brand Awareness: These are the types of content that will help targeted buyer personas understand what your brand, products, and services do and how these can benefit them.

Content for Products/Services Promotion:  These are the types of content that will draw attention to your products and services to inform particular buyer personas that you have what they are looking for.

Content that Educates: These are the types of content that will inform and try to educate your targeted audiences about various aspects related to your products or services.

Building accurate and effective buyer personas take comprehensive research so you can gain a better understanding and deeper insight of the needs and preference of your targeted audiences that will enable you to cater to their specific needs. It is important to reiterate that buyer personas are important for content marketing as they can help you identify who your targeted audiences and market segments really are: what makes them tick, what makes them decide on purchases, and what drives them to make specific decisions. Buyer personas are like putting a name or a face to particular audience profiles and attributes, enabling you to create highly targeted content specifically intended with that particular buyer persona in mind.