Facebook Ads is Facebook’s advertising system to promote company pages, online shops, events or mobile apps, and whose investment depends on pay per click.

Facebook Ads represent a digital tool to advertise your business in the market, in a simple but efficient manner, due to the advantages that this modality provides, such as segmented ads according to the audience, viral ads, PPC, direct interaction with the public, and measurable results. Information that allows optimizing the marketing campaigns and readjusting them to what your customers want and your business needs.

Apparently, it is simple to advertise on Facebook but, does it work? The answer is YES, and these are some facts that support this claim:


Facebook increased 70 million active users in a single quarter this year. According to the Facebook Business portal, “Two billion people use Facebook every month,” which is equivalent to 25% of the world population, as expressed by Animalpolitico.com Definitely, this figure is appealing to any business that is thinking about advertising online.


People spend more than 20 minutes a day on Facebook. According to Facebook Business, “1 of every 5 minutes people spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram” in the U.S.


Facebook allows you to create targeted advertising campaigns with a broad range of options. This facilitates the creation of very specific campaigns, and directs the ads to a precise group of people, instead of sending generic messages to a wider audience. Not all businesses and brands are created equal, that is why you need to design a strategic marketing plan when creating your Facebook Ad Campaign.

As Facebook’s user base continues to grow, the larger the potential audiences advertisers can target based on demographics, personal interests, purchasing behavior, life events, and thousands of other criteria that can improve the ROI of a Facebook advertising campaign. – Dan Shewan


The above data support the functionality of Facebook Ads to advertise your goods and services. While the facebook audience is getting higher, better the advertisers can direct the campaigns to potential prospects. Social Paid specializes in finding the right people to show your campaign ads, rather than targeting the total audience of facebook users.

When Facebook Ads is used correctly as a planned social media marketing strategy, it manages to generate significant traffic towards your funnel and hence into conversion.

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