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5 To-Dos Before Approaching a Web Design Agency

5 To-Dos Before Approaching a Web Design Agency

Hi and welcome! We love the fact that you finally reached this article. You’ve taken the initiative to create your web page and position your company online. You’re one step closer to achieving this, and our web design agency will help you.

We know you’ve been searching online for a while, checking and comparing different sites. Now you have a mental image of how you would like your web page. It’s always a good practice to look around for design inspiration.

At this point, you probably are also in search of a design agency that will help materialize the idea that’s in your head.

Before contacting a design agency, consider these five essential tips so that you can choose the best agency for your needs.

Here’s what you should know:

Got a mission statement?

Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. It’s never too late to define your mission statement, and you don’t need to become an expert writer. All you need is a general idea of what you have achieved so far and where you envision your company in the future. Write everything you think would be useful for the web designers. Remember that the design agency must understand your business to capture the company’s essence and show it on your web page. Your web design company will thank you.

What do your customers say about you?

Your clients will always be your best reference. Take advantage of all the positive experiences your clients had with you. Create a document with all the testimonials you can get. This information will give your design agency more useful information to understand, define and show what makes your business stand out from the rest.

Who is your competition?

We know that you have identified a couple of companies whose business is like yours. It’s always a good idea to study your competitors because it allows you to know where you stand and create a strategy for the future. Make a list of your most representative competitors and share it with your design team. This information will help them to understand how you want to show and position your business on the web, as well as which marketing strategies will be most appropriate to achieve that goal.

What do you want to offer on your web page?

Your website is an excellent tool to spread information so make the most of it and show more than just your products. Don’t turn your web page into a catalog. Think big and ask yourself what other value you can offer that will delight your customers and differentiate you from others. Always be a step ahead of the competition. Remember, your business’s success lies in the creativity and functionality of the services you offer.

If you could choose a web page for your company, what would it be?

The important thing about this exercise is to define the “why” more than the “what.” Why would you want to have a website like that? What is so special about it? Write everything you like about that web page. This exercise will give you a better idea of what you want visually for your site. Do you like the color palette they use? The fonts? The content organization? The photography? Don’t ignore the details.

Answering these five questions will help you define all the essential features for your web page. It will also streamline communication between you and the design agency. It can also help if you read a bit on some technical web design and digital marketing terms.

The web design agency you choose will be delighted to see your commitment to the project and appreciate your help to clarify the web design panorama.

Do you want to see how we do it? Our team is ready to listen to your ideas. Contact Us.

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